Snack Machinery

D&R MACHINERY manufactures the top value snack food production lines available on the market today, and in fact we expect that to remain true far into the future. Only world-leading producers of such equipment can offer the quality and all-around solutions we do for hard candies, toffee candies, jelly candies, lollipops, chocolates or chocolate bars. Not only can none within that group compete with our pricing, though, at 1/5th the cost none can even come close.

D&R doesn’t just tailor designs each line and each piece on it according to your exacting specifications, we go beyond those designs to give you more than hoped for. Whether a starch mogul, chocolate moulding, or candy bar machine or anything else it’s not just what you ask us to do on request, but also what we’ve already done. Our in-house R&D department is top-notch, well-funded, and working non-stop to make our production lines the industry’s best – snack food processing included. Moreover that preparation (along with 24-hour on-call service!) contributes to our responsiveness: just three to four months lead-time needed to get the line loaded onto containers from the time you place your order.

For critical components, the best items available around the globe are imported but assembly is done internally in D&R facilities. One important thing that makes us very different from competitors, though, is that we develop and program all software in-house too. Our great team of service technicians, however, travels around the world and direct to your facility to perform installation, extensive training, and after-sales service (as needed, since our reliability is excellent!) on-site. In short, for our existing clients DR’s snack food processing lines are a “no-brainer,” and will be for you after your first order with us.