Bakery Machinery

D&R MACHINERY’s bakery food production lines include, among others, those for Swiss rolls, layer cakes, and cookies (biscuits). With a guaranteed lead time of six months or less from order to shipping, D&R gives you a customized and complete line with complete functionality, along with complete training and 24-hour, on-call service. Like all D&R production lines, all research, design, development, and manufacturing – of not just hardware but software also – is done in-house. All-around functionality and thorough training are standard too so in fact although our solutions are customized to your needs, in a way we only offer one thing – everything.

You might think that with all those features, quality or reliability must be lacking – or D&R’s pricing is too high. You’ll be pleasantly surprised though to find yourself wrong on those counts as the line itself is always great yet our pricing always is too. We know the “devil is in the details” so to speak, and we realize that for food manufacturing control, humidity, heating, cooling, sealing, and so on are absolutely critical. We wrap up those details (no pun intended!) and curb any fears you may have with full warrantees. And at $250,000 USD or less for virtually any line you may require, the ROI D&R delivers is unbeatable.

To us you’re not a customer, you’re a client. You may not know it yet, but you’re our next client. And that always means our next well-pleased and long-term client, because that’s the only kind we have …